Defy provides hands-on training, experiential learning,
skills, knowledge, access, and tools that prepare
entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs) to become business
owners and leaders in their communities and families.


Defy’s program model is built on the following core components:

Intensive Training
EITs average 10 hours of online and in-person training each week to learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship. Our MBA-style coursework teaches business theory and application. Our experiential, highly competitive training would remind you of The Apprentice. Because the person behind the venture is vital to the bottom line, soft-skills and personal character development complement our business curriculum to build a personal platform for full transformation and success.

Defy EITs only survive when they bring significant commitment, ambition and discipline to Defy’s table. Each week, they juggle three training sessions, entrepreneurial assignments, extracurricular reading, exams, and tough contests. All are held to the highest professional and personal standards. Most EITs also hold down jobs, have kids and families, and struggle financially—but they’re willing to invest in their futures.

Practical Entrepreneurship
After undergoing an ideation process, Defy entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs) put their ideas to paper by conceptualizing, writing, and presenting full business plans (including comprehensive financial models). Defy’s trainers and executives guide EITs through the process of conducting market research, refining operations, and generating customers. All EITs who choose to participate in Defy’s Entrepreneurship Incubator incorporate their companies, open business bank accounts, generate promotional materials, and solicit customers.

Coaching and Mentorship
EITs gain access to the expertise and coaching of Defy’s network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. One-to-one executive mentoring offers personal support and business guidance in meeting the challenges and responsibilities of entrepreneurship. Our guest faculty consists of business thought leaders and has included Seth Godin (entrepreneur and marketing guru), Tim Draper (venture capitalist and founder of DFJ), Duncan Niederauer (CEO of NYSE), and Daymond John (Shark Tank Star and founder of FUBU).

Transformational Bonds
Defy EITs join a focused, ambitious family committed to building a positive future for themselves and their loved ones. A competitive but highly team-oriented training culture supports EITs through their transformation, offering lifelong personal connections and business partnership opportunities.


Introductory Training (two months)

This introduction to Defy is part of the competitive EIT application and enrollment process. Before committing to the full training program, applicants participate in two months of blended online and in-person training to experience Defy’s culture and expectations, learn the basics of entrepreneurship, ideate a business concept, and prove their entrepreneurial abilities in contests that are judged by executives. Team-building, challenges, and shared reflection build tight bonds among like-minded applicants committed to building successful futures.

Defy Academy (twelve months, four sections)

Over twelve months, EITs continue forming their business concept while learning the ropes of business development, market research, finance, and more. Defy’s comprehensive, hands-on entrepreneurship training equips EITs to write a 15-20 page business plan, prepare financial statements and presentation decks, and compete in four business plan competitions judged by executives of Fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders. Seed funding awarded through business plan competitions and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals help EITs to take their ideas from concept to reality. But Defy is about more than business! Defy hosts rigorous character development seminars, and many other personal development workshops that cultivate leadership skills from the inside out. Defy’s Family Love Services invites EITs’ loved ones into their journey of transformation.

Alumni Services

EITs who complete at least one level of Defy’s Academy are eligible for continued business and professional development services through the Defy Entrepreneur Network (“DEN”), our alumni program. Networking events, social outings, guest lectures, and career development support keep alumni involved with the Defy community and moving along their path to success.