Holistic Support

Investing in the person behind the
business is just as important to Defy
as investing in the business itself.

A variety of holistic supports prepare EITs to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

  • Family Love Services engage EITs’ loved ones in the transformational process through special events and critical resources that create meaningful family memories and strengthen family relationships. Family members celebrate EITs’ successes at Family Fun Day, a spring picnic, and various other family events. Defy also provides parenting and relationship training.
  • Defy’s Career Access program supports graduates in securing employment, enabling them to provide for themselves and families while pursuing their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Through Community Leadership Projects, EITs mentor young people who need additional adult guidance and support. Defy EITs feel deeply compelled to give back. For example, Defy’s EITs mentored at-risk middle school students from KIPP Academy (and hardly kept up with the kids in an intense game of basketball!).