Our Impact

At enrollment, 90% of EITs live in poverty;
they averaged 10 years in prison.
They suffer the stigma of being known
for the worst thing they’ve done, instead
of who they are today. Defy changes that.

  • Served 3,800+ formerly incarcerated Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) across 24 states
  • Served 1,700+ currently incarcerated EITs across 15 correctional facilities
  • Recidivism for served EITs is less than 5%
  • Financed and incubated over 170 startups founded by EITs, which created 350+ jobs in their communities
  • Disbursed $700,000+ to EIT startups through business pitch competition awards and microloans
  • EITs report an 83% income increase and 95% employment rate within 7 months of enrolling in Defy
  • National media recognized the success of our EITs’ companies in publications such as The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, and More here.