Other Ways to Help

There are plenty of other ways
you can help Defy fulfill its mission.

First and foremost, we need exceptional volunteer talent to support entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs) in getting their businesses off the ground.

Graphic designers
Help EITs get their businesses noticed by volunteering your design expertise to support the branding and marketing of their businesses.

  • Work with one or more EITs to create logos that reflect brand values of their businesses
  • Design simple print collateral, including brochures, business cards, postcards, and order forms

Website developers/designers
Equip EITs to gain broader exposure and traction for their products and services through simple, professional websites.

  • Create simple websites for EIT businesses
  • Work with students to design themes (color, font, etc.), interactive elements, and visual structure

Other professional expertise
We are also looking for bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, marketing and branding experts (you name it!) to help our EITs build strong infrastructure for their companies.

Academic Tutors
It’s been a long time since some of our EITs have been in school. Many pursue education while in prison, but may have only reached a ninth or tenth grade education. As an academic tutor, you can help Defy EITs get good grades on entrepreneurship tests, understand business concepts, and produce required deliverables.