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Speaking Engagements
Invite Defy to speak at your conference, company, or organization! We’ve presented to conferences with thousands of attendees—and can just as well squeeze in a succinct pitch over a Defy graduate-catered lunch on a trading floor! The story of Defy includes powerful messages about redemption, authentic leadership, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship, among many other themes, and we always provide meaningful volunteer engagement opportunities. Defy Founder and CEO, Catherine Hoke (Rohr), and graduates have been featured at national speaking engagements such as EO, CEO Clubs, National Investment Banking Association, and the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Defy also loves sharing stories with leadership teams at companies nationwide, ranging from Citi Capital Markets in NYC to Bridgeway Capital in Houston!

Email [email protected] to invite Defy’s team to present to your group.

Faith-Based Involvement
Defy presents transformative engagement opportunities for members of faith-based congregations to live out their values. Always bringing amazing stories of redemption and hope, we ask listeners: “What would it be like if you were known for the worst thing you’ve ever done?” We inspire people to action through our founder’s personal journey and by sharing the “heart behind Defy,” along with in-person testimonials from student entrepreneurs.

The story of Defy has a meaningful and lasting impact. We create a safe platform for authentic conversations about transformational healing and leading generous lives of love and service.

Defy also works with leaders of faith-based organizations to customize volunteer and giving opportunities that allow members to live out their faith and develop a lasting connection to Defy’s graduates.

Contact [email protected] to discuss a partnership with your congregation.