Yep, it’s true, my big day is this Friday, July 5th! I’m thrilled to get married, honeymoon in Ireland, move in with Charles, and the day after, launch Team 3 of Defy’s entrepreneurs!!

As you know, I’m not-so-shy about asking for support when it comes to Defy, because I know with every bone in my body that your generous financial contribution couldn’t be put to better use! In my honeymooning absence, would you please consider providing a scholarship gift to Defy to equip one of our scrappy underdog entrepreneurs to participate in our Tryout Bootcamp?

By July 31st, we need to raise $25,000, which will cover four weeks of training for 50 brand new Defyers as they participate in our super intense bootcamp. At $500 apiece, and we promise: competitive training and challenges including Mocktail Day, a NYC entrepreneurial scavenger hunt, “Taste of Defy,” Sales Expo, 30 hours of character development, and interviews with Defy executives. Want to see what we produce? Check out this two minute video of Defy graduate Trevor Scotland, founder of Brazzle (who was also a winner of Class 2’s business plan competition!), for some inspiration.

Would you join me in providing for as many $500 scholarships as you can before July 31st? Since the last thing I plan to do in Ireland is read email, Holly Thompson, who works with me, will gladly assume the role of Big Fat Whopping Scholarship Gift Aggregator!

Please email all good news to Holly (and feel free to copy me, so I can be sent off with Defy warm-fuzzies) at: As an extra special incentive to give, you’ll even receive my favorite wedding photo.

Thank you for your consideration!!

With wedding bells and whistles,
Catherine Soon-to-be Hoke