Defy Family Program Overview

The Defy Family Program provides resources and support to family members and loved ones of Defy’s Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs). Defy wants to further support and encourage the EITs to succeed by connecting them with their family members and creating a community of EITs’ families. This will provide opportunities for learning together and helping one another support Defy’s EITs through their transformational journey. Defy’s Family Program provides powerful tools, helpful information, and resources to increase the families’ capacity to provide positive support to EITs. It is provided free of charge to family and loved ones of Defy’s pre-release and post-release EITs.

What does the Family Program provide?

The Family Program will provide various opportunities to connect with other EITs’ family members through inspirational monthly conference calls, online forums that allow the sharing of success stories and overcoming challenges together, as well as fun and entertaining in-person events. Family Program members will also be invited to Defy events such as Business Pitch Competitions and Promotion Ceremonies.

Family Program members will have the option of enrolling in Defys’ Family Leadership Academy (FLA), which provides numerous online courses specifically designed to strengthen the family unit. Many of these courses are in the training program for Defy’s EITs so the family members will be learning in parallel with their loved ones. Additionally, a staff member will be available to discuss any personal questions or unique concerns that may arise related to the EITs’ re-entry and post release process.

What is the Family Leadership Academy (FLA)?

The Family Leadership Academy is a complementary program to the CEO of Your New Life, designed to educate and provide family members with resources to support their loved ones through the re-entry process as well as gain training for employment and entrepreneurship for the family members. This program is designed with the hope of increasing the chances for lasting success as a family and extending resources to the family and loved ones of Defy’s EITs.

How does a family member or loved one of an EIT join the Family Program?

They fill out a simple online form and create a profile. Create your profile.

Once they sign up, a staff member will follow up with more details and give them access to the online courses.

For people with further questions, they can email [email protected].