Defy was featured in (for the second time) yesterday!! We got to share how employers can win by hiring people with criminal histories. Will you please distribute through your social media networks?

Things aren’t exactly slowing down over here—we’re amped to launch TEAM 3 of Defy’s entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs)!!! Tryout Bootcamps start July 16th. Drawing inspiration from Shark Tank and The Apprentice, we’ll test applicants’ stamina, hustle, empathy, resilience, and leadership through back-to-back competitive challenges. We need YOU to roll up your sleeves and partner with staff as we pick the team. Come as a mock customer, judge or interviewer; we promise high intensity fun. We need more volunteers than ever to pull this off, so please email me if you’re in!

And heads-up seven-up! Please stand by and prepare your checkbooks for a summer wave of generosity! To do a stellar job of serving this fresh batch of adventurous-visionary-underdog entrepreneurs, we’ll need a team effort. Team 3 Scholarship Drive coming to an inbox near you shortly!


P.S. The article’s title wasn’t my wording. As I like to remind people, we’re all ex-something’s.

P.P.S. Holler if you’re interested in hiring a Defy grad!