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Defy Ventures was founded in 2010 in New York City and has continued to make a significant impact on formerly and currently incarcerated people. Two years later, Defy Tri-State launched its post-release program for people in the community with criminal histories and a business and entrepreneurship incubator for program participants seeking to start their own businesses.

Working closely with the New York Department of Correctional Services as well as the Connecticut Department of Correctional Services, Defy launched its in-prison program, CEO of Your New Life, in Wallkill Correctional Facility starting 2015 and York Correctional Institute on December 2017.

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Meet the Local Team

Jeanette Pineiro, Tri-State Director

Terrell Hall, Post-Release Program Manager

Paul Bourque, Prison Program Associate, York Correctional Institution

Mary Glenn, Prison Program Associate, Wallkill Correctional Facility

Where We Serve

Wallkill Correctional Facility: Wallkill Correctional Facility is a medium security level correctional facility. Built in 1932, Wallkill Correctional Facility is designed to house inmates that are nearing the last 5 years of their sentence and can house up to 606 men.

York Correctional Facility for Women: York Correctional Institute is located in Niantic, CT and is a high-security facility. It serves as the state’s only institution for female offenders.


The Post-Release Program for Defy Ventures Tri-State started in 2012. Not only serving individuals who started the CEO YNL program in the state correctional facilities, New York’s Post-Release program looks to offer another opportunity for advancement to individuals with criminal histories who have been living in the community for a while. We’re building a community of support for our EITs where they will have a strong bond with people who genuinely care about their success and will not remember them for the worst thing they’ve ever done. Focusing on employment readiness, character development and entrepreneurship training, Defy Ventures Tri-State is working with EITs to prepare them for success by connecting them with community resources, mentors and networking opportunities.

Local Impact

In Prison

  • Current Enrollment: 50
  • Cumulative Enrollment: 382
  • Graduated: 191
  • Cumulative Overall Retention Rate: 54%
  • Currently Enrolled Retention Rate: 96%

Post Release

  • Current Enrollment: 63
  • Recidivism rate: < 5%
  • Number of Businesses Founded: 101
  • Completed Post-Release Programming: 276

Local Board Members

Defy Ventures Tri-State Board of Directors

  • Marcus Glover – Founder & CEO, M. Glover Capital LP
  • Alex Arguello* – Founder & CEO, About the Stitch
  • David Boxenbaum – Chief Operating Officer, President of Recorded Music, Avex International
  • Trace Cohen – CEO, Kuria
  • Nichole Creary – Chief Marketing Officer & Founding Partner, Proponent // Marketing Consultant, Maven Marketing & Co.
  • Jamyn Edis – CEO & Co-Founder, Dash Labs, Inc.
  • Christina Hollenback – Chair of NEXUS Working Group Toward Equal Justice
  • Daniel Kanamori – Managing Director, BTIG LLC
  • Eamonn Store – Founder & CEO, FairShare
  • April Tam Smith – Managing Director, Equity Derivatives, Morgan Stanley // Co-Founder, P.S. Kitchen
  • Josh Thompson – Venture Partner, Human Ventures Co.// Co-Founder & CEO, Onward Labs
  • Lonald Wishom – Government & Community Partnerships Manager, TATA Consultancy Services

*Defy graduate

How to Get Involved 

Contact Jeanette Pineiro at

Find a list of upcoming events here.

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